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We can offer a massive variety of printing options and styles. This can be a little daunting when you’re starting up, so to make things a little clearer we’ve broken it all down for you’re viewing pleasure!

Have a read though and if you see anything you like drop us a line, we’ll put a specific quote together. Feel free to get creative and mix’n’match!

Not sure what’s best or just a little lost? Why not send over your design, we’re happy to advise which options will yield the best results and fit the style of your design.

We use plastisol ink for the majority of our print jobs. It’s a plastic based ink which is heat-cured into the garment. The result is a robust vibrant print that will probably last longer than the shirt itself!

We only use phthalate free plastisol ink. Phthalate is used specifically in the printing industry to add elasticity to textile ink so it can stretch along with the t-shirt. However it is known to be carcinogenic, especially to young children. This doesn’t sound too good to us so we make a point of staying away from it, with no difference in quality and fewer nasty chemicals it’s a no-brainer really! We’re proud to say we’ve been promoting alternatives to phthalate ink for over 5 years!
Water based is a good alternative to plastisol if you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly option. As the name suggests, the ink is water based, using pigment dyes to get your design on that t-shirt. Best used with the earth positive range from our continental catalogue to keep the earth smiling!
Discharge inks work by extracting or bleaching out the dye from the fabric being printed. After you’ve washed the shirt for the first time you’ll be left with a print that is completely integrated with the garment. When used with 100% cotton shirts your print will be 100% soft and 100% light-weight!
We have two options for oversized printing; manual printing and automatic printing.

For manual printing we are able to print up to 50 shirts with a print area of 46cm by 64cm.

For anything over 50 we would need to use our automatic press. With this process we’re able to print over 2500 with a max print area of 38cm by 52cm.
Using digital colour separation techniques we are able to reproduce full colour photographic imagery for screen-printing.

If you're interested in this process send a high resolution copy of your image to and we’ll get back to you with a quote. The cost can vary as the complexity of the image and the shirt colour will affect the number of screens we use.
Direct to garment printing, also known as DTG printing is a process of printing (directly) onto garments using specialised inkjet technology. Essentially, DTG is a massive desktop printer that fits t-shirts.

Due to the minimal set up of DTG we can print low numbers (even one-off shirts) with radical high colour images. This is ideal for brands and designers looking to test the water with small print runs, or to exploit the high colour and resolution DTG printing can offer. Also it’s the perfect process for one-off event shirts or even stag and hen dos.
If you're looking for something a little bit special, try foil transfers. This is a two-stage process in which glue is screen-printed on to a garment and a foil layer is applied using a heat press. Choose from gold, silver and metallic red finishes to add that bit of bling to your shirt!
Foil not enough for ya? Why not take that extra step and go for flock printing.

Flocking is a process of applying millions of tiny fibres onto your garment within a predetermined design. The end result is a raised image with soft velour texture, talk about luxury!
Sometimes screen printing is not the right option, for this reason we have a selection of heat presses to cater for any job. Whether it's due to an awkward position a synthetic material or a simple matter of cost effectiveness. We will happily produce vinyl transfers for caps, laptop bags, t-shirts, sleeves and pockets, the list goes on!

If you’re a member of a club or society, why not heat press individual name bars onto the backs of your garments? Choose from a wide selection of styles to suit your needs.
If you really want to put that finishing touch to your print run, why not take advantage of our printed neck label service.

We’re able to use your own 1 colour design with a maximum width of 8cm. Or if you’d prefer, contact us for a design quote.
Transform your printed garment to the next level with our relabelling service, our in-house seamstress will cut out and stitch a new custom label onto your items.

We are unable to provide labels, but we are happy to recommend and Once you have sourced your labels contact us if you have any questions.

Labels sewn under the seam, badges and other specialist sewing are available and are priced on request.
Whether you’re shipping direct to your customer or simply don’t have the space to do it yourself, our heat-sealed bagging option is available on request.

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